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Wave goodbye, say hello

This week I began the relatively painless and unexpectedly simple process, of detaching myself from Facebook. Whilst I don’t want to preach or labour on about the pros and cons of Facebook, I personally thought it was time for me to part ways with it. It was a 10-year relationship that I didn’t want to maintain anymore. In recent times, I was using it more and more to procrastinate when I should have been writing. Facebook is not a ‘social’ concept I ever enjoyed, so this later regular habit I had developed of scrolling up endlessly did not make any sense. It was also wasting precious time.  Watching a documentary about Quincy Jones reminded me that talent and success are honed by a lot of hard work. I wasn’t working hard on Facebook and it wouldn’t work hard for me without my input. There is still lots of work to do, things to learn, and people for me to meet socially and creatively. I also have to maintain existing connections. Facebook is used well by many, to do exactly these things, but I wasn’t doing that effectively, I never did.

Furthermore, I had no intention of using Facebook to regularly facilitate, document or otherwise promote the next part of my journey, so it had to go. The time has come to embrace other platforms more suited to my needs. I admit there was a pang when I looked at some of the albums – ‘The day the torch came to Aberystwyth ‘ was particularly poignant, but I have downloaded my content so nothing is lost. Besides there is a 30 day cooling off period, in case I change my mind.  No doubt there will also be several more emails from Facebook, asking me if I’m sure.


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