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The Bride Wore Parachute Silk

Di-Di leaned forward when she heard a familiar song being played by the organist, it was You’ll never walk alone. Her dad sang this whenever he was watched his team play football. Di-Di knew the words and opened her mouth to sing along but caught a glimpse of her mother’s face telling her she would be in trouble if she did. Di-Di could hear the familiar words her mother had been repeating all week. “This is Auntie Madeline’s special day and Di-Di was not supposed to spoil it.

Di-DI was too young to be a bridesmaid and was stuck between her mum and dad while Annalise got to walk down the aisle, it wasn’t fair. She could not understand why she had to wear this silly dress if no-one was going to see it.

People were starting to stand up, something must be happening, but Di-Di couldn’t see a thing. She tugged at her dad’s hand.

“Dad, Dad…”

“Ssh, inside voice” her mum hissed.

Di-Di whispered.

“I can’t see Dad, where’s Annalise?” 

Smiling her dad hoisted her up and she sat on his shoulders like she did when they watched football. This was much better. Auntie Madeline looked like an angel. She could probably take off in the that dress if she ran fast enough down a hill. Di-Di was so jealous, her dress was nothing like that. She resolved to be on her best behaviour and and ask Auntie Madeline really nicely if she could borrow that dress after today. There were so many things you could do with it. Annalise was not too far behind Auntie Madeline on her best behaviour, but she also looked scared. Something was wrong. That horrible boy Damon was standing behind Annalise. Di-Di did not like him he was always mean. Di-Di wished she had something she could throw at him, but this stupid dress didn’t have any pockets.

Di-Di was frustrated because she couldn’t, do anything. She pulled a face and the effort reminded her how much her head hurt. Her mum had bound her hair tightly with a bobble. Di-Di pulled it free with a hard yank, but it slipped out of her hand and away it flew in the direction of Damon’s head.

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