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Stay at home and reach for the stars

Regardless of the advances being made to manage the effects of the pandemic, I am yet to be convinced that ‘by air’ is still the safest way to travel. Not to mention the constant confusion regarding the “safe” countries to travel to and from, plus countries’ individual nuances and political posturing. Needless to say there is no way on God’s green earth I will be going anywhere this year, nor until there is better clarity and far less profiteering from testing. Rant over.

So, what to do at the mercy of a British Summer? A weekend in Lincolnshire, maybe a couple days in Wales, even London. Not overly fussed either way, events took a different turn. Instead of visiting, over the course of a week I played host to three dear friends.  It was throughly enjoyable and strangely relaxing. The washing machine has seen more action with various linen changes, nevertheless it has been pleasant catching-up, cooking, walking and dining out. The rest of August is still up for grabs, so let’s see what it brings.

In other news, networking is slowly becoming a firm friend. A one-2-one Zoom call with a recent contact and fellow copywriter, reconfirmed my approach to business was not only on the right path but similarly aligned with his methodology. The conversation spilled naturally into activities.

Whenever I divulge amateur dramatics as an interest, listeners are  intrigued and want to know more. Although aspirations have always been to gain a direct financial return for creative interests, it has not transpired and after a recent polite rejection from Netflix, expectations have again been managed. As a compromise, creativity has been resigned to leisure and volunteering time whilst trying to inject creativity into all other aspects of work. It’s not the envisaged perfect world, however it is balanced and realistically achievable.

It is good to talk, others can often more clearly see what is right in front of you. I was encouraged to consider combining my interests to reach a goal – specialist content writer for theatre, AM Dram and the like. Mind slightly blown 😳 .

This was not a new idea. It was a fleeting thought in the early days before getting to grips with the fundamentals of freelance life, easily dismissed as over-reaching. Still, having gained more knowledge this specialism now feels like an achievable ambition where previously, being a self-sufficient businesswoman was deemed enough.

It was a good note to end the working week on and has made a great start to this week.


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