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I met someone famous at a neighbour’s barbeque at the weekend, I’d like to say I was cool about it. I was anything but cool.

It was a glorious day, good music, good company, delicious food and in my case lots of delicious bubbly stuff, perfect. Then I spot someone I recognise, no it can’t be, yes, it is, I’m going to sit down and chat because this actress is amazing.

Llewella Gideon was polite, gracious and very patient. I was “annoying”, and I’ll take that because I was. I droned on about myself and literally followed her around like a lovesick puppy, I could not help myself, I just wanted to bask in her glow.

The excitement and perceived connection I felt being around a successful actress was overwhelming and enthralling at the same time. In the moment I recognised Llewella, she embodied everything I ever wanted out of my life. In amongst all the gushing Llewella remained courteous and reminded me that if I still really want it, it’s not impossible and that was nice to hear, especially from someone who’s been there.

However, I must atone for being starstruck and annoying. Rather than drone on with a bunch of platitudes I’ll let the lady speak for herself. I’ve attached one of my favourite clips of Llewella in action, this might explain why I struggled to keep it together in her presence.

Thank you Llewella for your trailblazing work which continues to inspire.

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