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My new business cards arrived and I’ve been slowly getting my ‘twitter’ on. I met with a Business Advisor from a local enterprise scheme, then I had to put my big girl pants on for my first ever networking meeting. Everyone I met was encouraging and helpful, which naturally generated more things for me to think about and do. Being in the business zone provided an opportunity to update my planner, acknowledge my progression and stay on track. Networking has moved up significantly on my agenda, so has driving traffic to the website and a suggestion to document my vision. Consequently, this extra activity spilled into my recently reaffirmed creative space, and awakened my consciousness about output. I’ve told myself to chill, this is all part of start-up and not to get precious about changes, but that’s not easy.

I’m trying to be flexible and allow for the inevitable overspills. The buzzing activity over the last few weeks means longer working days are necessary, to keep pace with the never ending lists of things to do. After an evening meal this week, I had no qualms about continuing to make notes, with muted tones of Wimbledon tennis in the background. Not quite a work / life balance, but it is the life of a freelancer. I continued note-taking until tiredness won, aware that future workloads could be less forgiving.

Trying to figure out a story for Mabel, mild frustration has kicked in. I need to structure a complete narrative, before I continue, if I continue. The spy genre (incidentally, completely out of my comfort zone, aside from my love of watching James Bond!) may be dictating a solid framework. But instinct suggests there’s more to it. Allowing this story to develop on a week-by-week basis, may not be correct now. This compulsion to straighten and neaten is coming from several places. I’m growing as a writer, I’ve shared my vision with other professionals and I’ve handed out business cards, it’s real!

My business strides have also created extra attention to detail in this space. It’s taken the best part of a week to write this post, tweaking it everyday, to keep it honest and accurate. I happily skipped past my self-imposed deadline as well, to maintain the integrity of my writing journey, this too is evolving.




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