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Space to dare, to dream

Predictably the first week of freedom has been a mix of; restlessness, realisation that some habits need to be curbed (if not broken), a little structure is still necessary, but above everything, there is space. Reconnecting with a good friend reminded me that a long term plan for the next decade is not unrealistic. How will the remaining autumn years be spent and where in the world should the winter years start? Perhaps a little bleak, the warmth of the summer has left taking spontaneity and living in the moment with it. In its place Autumn makes its approach with new beginnings at; school, university and the working world’s latest landscape.  The dreams of enjoying my destiny, warm sunshine, beaches, community spirit, bicycle rides, B&Bs and writing retreats have been reignited. Naturally, the ‘how to’ achieve any or all of this is still a working progress, but now there is room for the journey to start.

This space will also change, morph and develop along the way. My guess is anything can happen and it probably will.

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