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So this is me…blogging

Yesterday, more than a little late in the day after a restless sleep and the usual wake up stomp down the stairs from my neighbour; I decided to start blogging.  I say decided, I mean firmly but gently nudged, cajoled and positively encouraged to start writing something.  I’ve had this conversation many times with friends, family I’ve even studied it and have a certificate on the wall telling me that I’m qualified to do it; but something about this round of advice was different.  It came from other writers, peers I hope, who have experienced exactly what it feels like to start writing.  I was lifted and less terrified as some of their words sunk in ‘…it’s only writing’ ‘…it’s for you, do it for yourself’ ‘…150 words a day’ finally something clicked and I was ready to give it a go, so here I am.

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