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Show week – Key for Two

Two weeks after the shiny new website launch, far from business as usual, there has been a marked increase in my activities. First I had to tackle my fear of deep water, only 6 foot but deep enough for me. I teetered near the edge as the instructor waited patiently with a flotation aid in situ for when I resurfaced. It was much less of a crash than the earlier jump into shallower water, but my plunge into the unknown did not give me the fist pumping joy I thought it would. I attributed this lack of excitement to the surge of water that rushed into my nostrils because I forgot to breathe out. Also, previously learned techniques I thought were long forgotten have crept back into my consciousness and my limbs. These swimming lessons are more about tackling my fear, breathing correctly and feeling secure enough to be patiently guided. Perhaps swimming for me is a smaller personal achievement, that only requires quiet reflection rather than rapturous applause.

But there would be little time to dwell on anything else as show week was fast approaching and stage management duties included sourcing last minute set items. In the middle of this I received the dreaded phone call that all may not be well at the familial home. Time slowed, practicality kicked in and my adrenalin pumped. I threw clothes into a bag, relayed messages and took calls trying to remain calm for the drive ahead. When I arrived thankfully there was nothing to worry about everything was fine, just a simple miscommunication.  I missed the drama of the paramedics, fire service, neighbours and close friends doing what they do best. Everyone had rallied round in the interests of making sure my mum was okay, and with a week’s shopping in tow, she was. I gratefully exhaled and saw the funny side of the day’s events.

Needless to say, anything resembling routine or structure has completely disappeared recently and that was not about to change. With the dust settled I returned to the fray of ‘get in’, set building, backstage requirements, technical and dress rehearsals. But I’m happy to report that it has all come together and we have a great show, well done to everyone.

Booking details are below, if you would like to come along


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