Saturday; named after the planet Saturn. Julie always wondered why that was, but who cares right now?  This was the day; the one she’d been dreaming about, ticking off all the other days on the calendar for the last six months except this date.  Today’s date had a great big red ring around it and it was finally here.  Strange as it was being back in her old room again after so many years away, it was still familiar.  Her bed was next to the wall and right in the corner she could still see bits of her old wallpaper from when she was a child.  Julie was really into Disney back then.  There was a kind of mural, no more of a homage to all things Disney.  She smiled, as she reminisced and looked at the clock on the dressing table.  Six am still early it was quiet, no-one wake yet.  To others it might seem weird to be marking this occasion in such an unorthodox way, but she wanted to finish the way she started.  Ten years ago today Julie awoke in this same bed about to get married.  But today she was getting divorced.

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