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Rookie mistakes

Good news. I have a brand new follower, it’s exciting and I couldn’t be happier. As soon as I can work out how to reciprocate and come up with a Gravatar (an online identifier, I think) things will be even better! I’ll add that to the never-ending list of things to do.

Seven months into this blog, I’ve finally booked a couple of courses on blogging and promoting my website. There are also various groups to investigate and endless research to tackle. I’m nowhere near the stage where I can confidently juggle all these things at the same time. Adjustments to the working week need to include more time for research, business and training so things don’t get missed. Freelance start-up is hard work, hopefully, this will ease once the foundations are set.

A more thorough edit process to avoid missing basic key elements like empathetic characters and intrigue must be built into everything I write. The information is in my head most of the time, but not necessarily on the page. Looking back at work with fresh eyes requires more space and concentration than I ever allow. Thankfully faithful friends gently steer me back on track. At some point, I have to muster the courage and the patience to spend the necessary time to map a story before I start writing it. My current style is to run with the first solid idea that sticks, scared that if I don’t commit I’ll end up procrastinating and frustrated with little to show for it. Meanwhile, the deadline is looming too close for comfort, so I panic to get something that has potential posted rather than nothing at all.  This flawed methodology is tripping me up on a regular basis and it won’t stop happening until I learn the lesson. A checklist would be handy for this, so more research, a staple in the writer’s life.

Another issue is the occasional spontaneous social life. I get so giddy and fully immersed,  even a little wired, so I’m worn out when I have to get back into writing mode.  This is no different to when I had a 9-5 job, except now I can take a cheeky nap if I need to recharge and freely procrastinate watching too much television. Yes, it’s indulgent but a far better option than torturing myself for lack of productivity (at least that’s what I’ve told myself).  But it worked. The next day I was ready to get back on the horse. I’m chalking it all up to experience and adding it to the list of things I’m discovering about myself and the writing process.

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