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Reality bites

I received a great boost at the beginning of the week from my writing group. There’s nothing like a deadline to focus your attention and an exercise in timed writing gained unexpected applause.  In ten minutes I produced Saturday.

Along with the rain and the cold, this would also be the week when my old friend negativity returned. Forgetting to make that catch-up phone call, then receiving sad unexpected bereavement news, declining a birthday celebration and of course checking that friends and family aren’t on the deportation list! Reminders that life rolls on regardless and not only do I have to roll with it, not against it; I also have to stay faithful to the creativity space. Thankfully friends are there to chivvy me along with encouraging texts, a quick chat while passing and that long overdue meet up for a quick drink.

Come rain, shine, hell or high water I have to keep doing this and there is evidence to suggest I can weather a storm.  Only a few years ago I was more than happy to ride my bicycle to and from work in the rain, donning waterproofs and sometimes I even went to the gym before work! Sitting in the comfort of my own home writing every day should be a breeze,  hopefully one day it will be.

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