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Whilst still adjusting to the new space where work used to be, my meticulous planning skills have deserted me of late. There’s more to do; more friends, more places to visit, more often and let’s not forget the persistent navel-gazing that always takes more time than it needs. New habits to be formed and old ones to be broken, baby steps. In amongst the dizzying amounts of material about writing there was a quote attributed to Stephen King suggesting a 1000 words a day. Ha! a 1000 words a week is more realistic. So with more time available and waiting for various deliveries, I gave it a go.  One day was set aside to write 1000 words and the following day was to edit and publish. Result! a formula that worked. It was painful at times, pushing forward with unknown content, but it did not matter because there would be a whole day to edit and tweak it. A few simple tactics were employed to help focus; soft piano jazz in the background, burning incense of all things and warm socks. Keeping other senses calm while the mind is fighting itself has created a more comfortable writing bubble and dare I say it, a less daunting space. Not to mention the sweet relief when the target number has been reached. Now to juggle things around so I get the weekends back and give the writing group exercises the same level of attention. Simple!


  1. Tracey,
    It’s clear you’re in the flow and letting your creative energy flow with ease on this “ Mission”.
    Settling into a life you believe is
    Yours is never easy, but glad you’re walking your path in full glory. Well done , and lm looking forward as always to the next instalment. You have Mr King to be thankful for the discipline of knocking out 1000 words a day. x

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