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Performance – Deckchairs and Ditties

It’s that time, when I will again be treading the boards and it has to be said, significantly heavier as last night’s rehearsal proved. Lots of folk are carrying lockdown weight, I’m no different after living on a consistent diet of everything, plus chocolate, a regular drop of something bubbly and little in the way of real exercise. However, nothing quite prepares you for dropping through a deckchair with your bum on the floor and legs in the air being unceremoniously hoisted out by your fellow performers. By all accounts it was hilarious. As a raving extrovert I don’t embarrass easily so I was fine and not physically hurt other than a slight bruise on one arm where I tried to brace myself. Needless to say, veggies are now my best friends and I have been given the kickstart required to eat much more healthily (the beloved crisp fat on bacon has got to go).

After ‘The Incident’ (which it will now be referred to in my head as) I am understandably even more nervous than usual and there are still tricky lines to learn, but I’ve started and I’m up for the challenge if you are.

This year we’ve had to go with a change of venue and scale down from a full blown play to a selection of smaller intimate pieces that are a lot of fun with audience participation welcome.

So, if you’re happy to be out-out again (with social distancing of course) then please come along and join us for a giggle, a sing-a-long and to see if I manage to stay on the deckchair.

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