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Performance – Cheshire Cats

I clearly remember the last time I acted on stage, 23 June 2016. It was the same day of the referendum vote. The campaign trail is now a distant memory, not only because of time passing, but subsequent events – PM resignation, leadership contest, general election, and repeat. It is also the all-consuming nature of performance that has the ability to trump (no pun intended) even these, somewhat significant events. So it is no surprise, my reservations about the future take a backseat, while the idea of being on stage creates the same feelings of apprehension, excitement and mild panic, now, as it did back in June 2016.

No-one could have predicted the 3½ year circus that followed the referendum vote. I didn’t realise at the time, but that last performance is now a pleasant memory-marker, before confusion, fear, uncertainty and ego took hold of the nation. When the political storm finally calmed, the UK walked away with relatively little fuss or bother. I barely noticed, but then I’ve got a show to do.

There are still two weeks until opening night, but the buzz has started. Props and costume pieces have entered the rehearsal space, posters have been produced and tickets are being sold. Thankfully the main constructs to create a show don’t change much. Regardless of political views or persuasion, in the end everyone wants, to do what they love and please the audience.

If you are around, do come along and join a group of women through laughter, tears and blisters as they train and walk for charity. There is nothing like a live comedy to lift your spirits and remind you that some things are reassuringly, the same.




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