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On the fly

This weekend has begun unexpectedly with an impromptu trip to London to support close friends, where we call each other family.  There’s the family you’re born into and the families you choose for yourself I am truly blessed in this space because we continue to choose each other. As with any gathering around a cooking event the conversation is colourful, loud and full of laughter. SLR radio is playing in the background, the barbecue grill has been lit, and the big pot from under the sink has being rinsed, it will work hard today.  A range of topics are covered;  starting out in business, online presence, the working world at large, the weather and the football of course. Snippets of conversation peter through all the very organised chaos. “Pass the garlic powder, get some more kitchen roll, the cheap one, she uses it by the yard!’

These are the happy circumstances in which I find myself thinking about this week’s instalment. No problem, we have the technology and can connect everywhere. The Mac in the corner was spied last night, so this should be a breeze. But alas, the one document I need is sitting happily on my desk top and nowhere near the cloud. That’s life, stuff happens; thankfully it’s not enough to spoil the joy that comes with sunshine, family and the sweet smell of authentic home cooking.


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