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No carrot, no go

Extending my impromptu trip to North Wales for the New Year came with consequences for a timely instalment. Still, it reaffirmed the 3-day window required to make this work. I returned from my visit perfectly relaxed and ready to face this year’s challenges, only to be stressed about my lack of productivity!

2019 is going to be a busy year because it has to be. The aim is to do more and think less. Having worked through the weekend I’m already doing more, but my mind has also gone into overdrive so heaven knows what that’s about. Either way, I’m pleased about my increased slow steady productivity. I shared my concerns about the scheduling problems I was having and it was suggested perhaps I should focus on goals and aspirations instead of planning. My initial thoughts went from interesting to airy fairy before I decided to give it go before dismissing it out of hand.  The next time I felt my old friend procrastination whispering in my ear I batted it away with the images of my goals for this year. It worked, I smiled and got back to work until I was mentally tired. There I was overthinking the whole schedule thing and all I needed was a dangling carrot or two to keep me motivated, who knew!

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