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New Connections

I made some interesting and useful connections last week, which acted as a good run-in for my bank holiday weekend, entertaining guests. There was a couple of physically challenging days (my fitness level not being where I’d like it) but worth the effort.  My friends welcomed the short break from ‘The Smoke” and it was good to see them.

With the last goodbye wave, a now familiar serenity settled around me, making me realise how comfortable I had become with my surroundings and way of life.  I took care of the last few domestic chores and my thoughts returned to the recent connections I made with a website designer and someone heading a new theatre project. Following a  quick flurry of emails, a meeting has been set and the fruition of my website is tantalisingly close.

However, as is usual, life takes an unpredictable turn. The family call was made and I responded. Nothing too serious, but enough to impact my daily rhythm. In the past, I have been known to completely derail with the onslaught of family drama. Not this time. The daily walks have been put back on the agenda, accompanied by the wise words of Dr Joe Dispenza. I’ve also attempted a few short guided meditations, with varying results. The combination of these small actions has changed my outlook this week.  I don’t want upsets and disappointments with others to develop as negative personality traits anymore. Calmness, clarity and contentment have thankfully swept over me to help subdue the long-held habits of anger, frustration and pain. Writing is a great soother at these times but coupled with the knowledge that I’m building a creative business, by default I am also initiating a happier way of being. And I love that!


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