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Making the Pieces Fit

Getting back to business means re-engaging with my arch nemesis  – social media. I don’t want to bore anyone with the intricacies of my frustrations, but in all honesty I do find it all a bit tedious. Maybe because I’ve been burned by more than a few awful (to me) looking photos, how often content is used as as platform for hateful views, ignorance and shameless narcissism etc. I digress.

Love or hate it, social media is a necessary evil for anyone in business, particularly if said business is online and or in lockdown when face-2-face communication (my preferred method) has been strictly limited. Similar to tax returns and bookkeeping, extensive knowledge of how to use social media properly is now a business requirement. Herein lies the first problem. I know how the various social media platforms work, but not every trick or nuance to maximise impact. Equally, I don’t want to spend precious time learning ‘how to…’ source suitable content etc or pouring over analytics – I’m a creative person, where are the techie and marketing gurus to guide me through this quagmire? Enter second problem, there are thousands, fairly similar; well presented folk, promising to revitalise, promote, strategise, schedule me into something formulaic, complicated and oh so boring (not unlike Maths which I detest).

What I need is a bespoke, creative, long-game approach to get me out of the starting blocks. Once I’ve garnered enough interest and more importantly work, I will hopefully be in a position to pay someone who likes to do this stuff, to do it for me on a more regular basis.

Then I found We Are Primo . They listened to me babble, asked the right questions and I cannot wait to start working with them. I’m genuinely buzzing about finally tackling this social media malarkey. At the same time I’ve found support from a great networking group; interest in me and my work is being generated. Things are happening.  Naturally, I’m wrestling with my impatience on a daily basis to make sure I enjoy the ride, remember to be grateful and keep a level head. It’s both exciting and terrifying to witness events unfold as you hoped they would.

This week’s blog would not be complete without mentioning the glorious sunshine being experienced in the UK at the moment.


The blazing sun reminds us to rethink our actions; hydrate, protect our skin, adjust our pace, allow stillness and that it’s okay to shine brightly wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.



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