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Lumber Jaxs Urban Axe-Throwing

Axe-throwing, yes you read it right, I went for the first time last weekend and had the best time. This will be no surprise for anyone who knows me well. One of my famous sayings is:

“I’ll bury the hatchet but will leave the handle sticking out just in case”.

In all seriousness, I was a little nervous especially signing the waiver before the session begun. I need not have worried. Our group’s instructor Coggy, was the right mixture of experience, fun and infinite patience. We laughed, missed, succeeded, celebrated and rang the bell anyway!

I would definitely do this again.

Try something different and support a homegrown independent company at the same time.

If you like making noise and hitting things, this is the activity for you.

Get your Viking on, go throw an axe at Lumber Jax.

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