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Christmas down, New Year to go. Decisions have been made and soon it will be time to knuckle down. I’ve carefully decided which copywriting course I want to take and once the festivities are behind me I will begin. Again it has been suggested that I need to come up with a firmer schedule to keep everything ticking over and for my own sanity.  I agree, again, but I’m no closer to pinning it down plus I will need to allocate time to do it! I never realised how regimented my life was until there was no regime to follow. Other than my old friend procrastination, I’m not sure what’s holding me back. I want to say an exercise plan and mean it, but I’m kidding myself of course. In honesty, it’s the idea of waking with an alarm again, but it’s the only way I will be able to get out of bed while it’s still dark. Instead of writing I hunt for my old alarm clock and pleasingly discover that I can hide the display, no distracting LED lighting in the middle of the night and it can be set to mimic sunlight. This could work, once I’ve found the instructions and dismantled the chest of drawers to get to the power socket.

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