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I am not Wonder Woman

I do not have superhuman skills, though when reminded by a dear friend of a five year anniversary I am slightly taken aback by the tasks I have undertaken since that time.  Bar the incredible strength and physical ability I could give Diana Prince a run for her money, though now I’ve booked some swimming lessons who knows!

During a head-clearing walk this week I was hoping to be inspired enough to come up with a story for this space. I knew it was a tall order having already come up with two creative ideas this week, a third one was definitely pushing it but I was going for it anyway. When I returned home, the madness of what I was trying to do took hold. Indulging myself to think like a professional writer for a minute I realised the folly of attempting to come up with three unrelated new ideas in a week, then it hit me that I shouldn’t have to.  I joined the writers’ group to improve my writing I should be sharing the benefit of its advice and knowledge in this space not regarding it as a separate entity.  I don’t know why I have somehow regarded it as cheating,  it makes perfect sense to have one learning experience feed into another. The writers’ group was the source for my very first narrative in this space, other than material for actual publication there is no conflict of interest. Now that the lines are less blurred and perhaps with some extra creative headspace, I might be able to see a way forward with an entry for the anthology for this year.  Inevitably,  there will be challenges ahead, some subjects chosen are not easy concepts for me to grasp. But that’s what research is for and being uncomfortable enables scope for growth, exactly what the writers’ group is designed to do if I would just get out of the way and allow it to happen. Another penny drops and another piece of the puzzle falls into place; it’s a good feeling.

Along with the bracing walk, this lightbulb moment was brought to you by my reconnection to the acting world this week – yeah! It was a good first meet, with a welcoming friendly group within walking distance of my home, winner. Rehearsals are twice a week and even though the parts have already been cast for this production I still want and need to be involved in any way I can. The director expressed genuine interest in my input to read in for absences and I’m only too happy to help with get-ins and get-outs. Adding this commitment to my flaky schedule helps with structure, time-management, focus and the all-important self-love that only a spiritual connection can provide for me.


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