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Horses for courses

I pushed through the research barrier and narrowed down the list of copywriting courses to three. I’m all about due diligence here because I need to pick the course that is most in tune with my learning style. There is no pressure with any of the courses to get them done quickly. I can take my time and weave the assignments into my floaty schedule. Studying should add more structured week and increase productivity.  When it dawned on me that I would be doing two courses at the same time one creative and one academic, the familiar panic started to rise. Then I remembered this would be no different to university where I was constantly switching from one module to another plus extracurricular activities and I was employed.  Everything got done. If I treat this process similarly, the results should be the same if not better, especially now I have the time; by far the greatest asset. Thinking about university reminded me of the sessions I spent in the national library, discovering that utilising a different space for access to research and more space to peruse multiple books was not only useful but necessary. I hope to find that kind of space again.

It occurred to me that until you make it (creatively speaking), you have to do any and everything including the things you said you would never do, like sales. Effectively that is my underlying perception of what copywriting is. I have avoided sales thus far because I regarded it as an aggressive male-dominated world that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be part of. Not just because I didn’t think I could do it, but fearing that the effects from said environment might diminish my femininity. This is no longer a concern because whatever my femininity is, it’s part of me and it’s staying put.

I look forward to learning everything there is to know about copywriting. The cynic in me suspects that the teaching will do what it can to thinly veil the sales aspect of it and focus on the craft of effective, concise, relevant, informative, clean copy.  The research I’ve been doing has already started to seep into my consciousness; a positive sign.

The most beneficial way for me to approach this course is to focus on the art of writing. Whichever course I choose will introduce a new set of writing skills to compliment my journey, providing a platform for my creative writing. With hard work and a bit of luck, I could finally be my own boss, which is developing a nice ring to it. I’m glad I rediscovered writing, so far it’s taken me further than anything else could have, it’s a good feeling. All I have to do is pick a course.

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