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Heart versus head

In the midst of being fired up and mapping out ideas for my website, I was experiencing difficulty.  In my head, it seemed easy. I wanted the website to showcase my work, ability and style, I also wanted to offer my copywriting services. I researched a couple of blogging sites, other writers, copywriters, chose the formats I liked, combined them with ideas of my own and sketched a few things down. But I struggled to find a happy medium. Everything I jotted down was around how best to display the content I already have. The copywriting element I’ve been so concerned about was taking second place, forcing me to face facts.

I am not yet a copywriter, I haven’t finished the course,  I don’t have any experience nor any clients. Any references to copywriting would be on an empty page in comparison to the established copywriters’ websites online. Obviously, I don’t expect to be where they are at present, but one day, right?  I began to challenge everything, including things I thought I was wedded to. The logo looked too fussy, not professional enough for a copywriter, the business name was too informal, most of the copywriters’ websites I viewed featured people’s full names – simple but effective.

And then it hit me. My brand name and prospective logo were based around my creative outlet. For the last year, I have been writing consistently. I spend more time in a creative headspace than anywhere else. When I’m not being creative I’m worried about not doing enough of it and this space is a whole stream of consciousness to support what my heart clearly wants. My head may have been heavily banging the drum about becoming a professional copywriter, but it has not been my main focus, it’s been the sideline. Gulp!

While this was a fundamental revelation, I still had to decide on what image I wanted to present for my website, before I spoke to the recently introduced website designer. Two informal chats with friends and 24 hours later I was ready to have the first real conversation about my website. I kept my ideas, light, basic and entirely focussed on the content I already have. It was a good discussion, at the end of it I could see myself entering a creative business world. This was something I always wanted, but couldn’t envision it, until now.

So what of copywriting? I still aim to finish the course I started and still want to secure my first client before winter. I realise now more than ever that there is a gap between where I am and where I would like to be as a copywriter, but I’m not scared. The universe has a way of guiding me to where I need to be (when I allow it) and copywriting will be no different. Continuing to network and staying connected to likeminded people will draw similar individuals and collectives who require an open, bespoke, natural approach to attract prospects. This is the type of copywriting service I want to offer.

However, there are no guarantees and if things don’t go according to plan I’m not averse to the possibility of going back into employment, this time using my writing skills, preferably copywriting.  Now that my creative space has cemented itself in my heart and my head as a business, it’s far easier to see the rest of my life weave around it. The writing journey I started a year ago has taken a smooth turn and I’m okay with that because it felt natural, as opposed to slamming on the brakes and skidding off the road to avoid a collision!

Then I went down a research rabbit hole, looking at coping methods and strategies to adopt when trying to balance a business and full-time work. I’m thankful I had the opportunity, time and space to create a business without employment pressures and or serious constraints. I do not think I would have had the energy or focus to do it any other way. I applaud those who have successfully managed a full-time job whilst running their own business and those who still do.

It’s been a good week, that’s produced a welcome, near epiphany experience, something I’ve not had for a considerable time. I am truly grateful, thank you universe.





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