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Getting Paid​

Memories of Morocco are gently fading into the distance, only to be relived in snippets of conversation and the photographs which I promise to do something meaningful with this time.

The writing process is enjoying various peaks and troughs – some days are extremely productive on other days creeping doubt comes for a visit distracting my thoughts and slowing me down. Luckily I’m ahead at the moment so I can afford the indulgence.

The need to make a monetary return is ever present.  Notions of concentrated, writing based job searches present themselves as obvious choices, but they are not easy to find. The preferred option is to go solo, but again this will be an uphill battle.

My creative output has increased, but ironically this only tells me I have to step up my efforts to secure gainful employment. I am continuing to benefit from the routine and structure I created, as long as I can at least hit the 3000 word-mark on a weekly basis, I should be able to fulfil my commitment to this space, with capacity left to meet other demands. Marketing and networking are the next two daunting mountains to climb, alongside the habitual pledges to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. We’ll see.

This recent milestone I have reached is not the end of my working life, but I wonder how the rest of it is going to pan out? A large part of me wants to be satisfied with a simple life where I can be employed in something I like, watch all my favourite shows, visit family and friends when I want to, exercise, experiment with different foods and finally engage with my outside space. Sadly, it’s not enough. Because no matter what, creativity will always demand to be heard.  Now I have heard the call I can no longer pretend it does not apply to me. I just need to find a way to make it pay.

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