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Coming up Roses

It is far too early to be making bold claims about achieving goals, but the last few weeks have shown they are tantalisingly close, so I wanted to share whilst still in the euphoria and excitement of it all. The urge to share began, as is usual for me these days, as a mishap.

When deciding to go Freelance, I had not fully anticipated travelling to meetings in places, although local, I am completely unfamiliar with. For the second time in 4 weeks, I was burning lots of rubber along the A43 between Kettering and Corby searching for meeting venues. A certain online Sat Nav company proved to be quite useless to me on both occasions (possibly its inability to keep up, or maybe I was footing it a little too hard). Either way I was woefully late for 2 separate appointments leading to profuse apologies. Luckily in each instance I was graciously accepted anyway and better still was treated to some excellent cake. Sugar is quite literally the way to my heart.

Through both meetings, tardiness was forgiven, good conversation was enjoyed, a referral offered, and business came my way. Delightful outcomes all round. The business owners I have met with recently have similar traits and there is a certain glow about them. I imagine being largely in control of your own destiny will have that effect on a person. Ultimately, that is the true goal.

Business is not yet booming but it’s coming together (finding the right networking group is worth its weight in gold, thank you Cornerstone). I’m in the middle of two assignments now with another on the way, part-time administrative employment has slipped neatly around all of this, not to mention juggling three committees, the odd brunch, and no doubt I’ll be rehearsing again before too long. Enter that lovely tingling feeling accompanied by a gentle sigh of satisfaction.

My feet have barely touched the ground for the past 3 weeks, I’ve worked on something almost every day including weekends; not in a blind panic but measured and sometimes methodically. In truth, it’s been thoroughly enjoyable despite the slower financial return.

Interests, work, life, and business are finally starting to balance out. Most importantly, I can be myself in each of these settings; I’m not constantly switching hats to suit the situation, personality or toe the corporate line, and amazingly there have been no conflicts, so far. This maybe a honeymoon period but long may it last. If a regular exercise routine can also be eased into my schedule, I could well be unstoppable.

A big thanks to my adoring fans… (whoops getting ahead of myself) lovely family, friends and networkers who have helped me stay the course.

Woman on the rise coming through.

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