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Climbing the mountain

I had three eyebrow knitting days steadily ploughing through the ‘Writing for Online Markets’ module of my copywriting course. Surprisingly this included some basics about code. I am by no means an expert now, but I have some grasp on what coding means. The timing of this module was rather apt, given previous concerns about my lack of computer technological knowledge. It wasn’t exactly the interaction with technology I was expecting, but it’s no less relevant and I’m grateful.

My second assignment was marked and returned with excellent comments. I couldn’t be more pleased knowing that I’m on the right track and successfully implementing the things I’ve learned. This week’s focus has been predominately studying, but some time has also been dedicated to watching talks with Dr Joe Dispenza.

Two different friends (who don’t know each other but coincidentally have both changed their given names) each sent me a link about the same subject – unlocking the mind’s potential. I’ve even been offered coaching, to help me re-train emotional thought patterns and who knows, I could manifest my modest plans for world domination. Ironically, meditation will form the greater part of this process. So much for waiting until I can afford more time. The universe is letting me know I can no longer delay my emotional growth if I want to achieve success. Okay, I surrender.

Needless to say, exercise and creativity have been virtually none existent this week. Ordinarily, this would phase me, instead, I made plans to just keep working over the weekend as necessary. As a good friend expressed when you work for your self you don’t have the luxury of having the time off you want when you want it. I started the weekend with a work plan and ended up having a surreal day in a youtube rabbit warren, rather than rabbit-hole. I started looking at mountains, through both poles North and South, things to pack on an expedition, altitude sickness, Robbie Savage, safaris, back to mountains, The Eiger Sanction culminating in a montage of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Dirty Harry’ best clips! It was a thoroughly enjoyable day in the name of research. Predictably, work progress stalled but it was so good to be back in the creative zone.

As instructed by my ‘coach’ I have listened to Dr Joe Dispenza’s talks every morning since Wednesday and I’m convinced it has helped renew my energy. I have reached the halfway point of my copywriting course. I have also given myself permission to imagine my future and think as though I’m already living it. It works. I’ve felt a small shift in my headspace from past and present struggles to a brighter future where climbing Kilimanjaro doesn’t sound like the craziest thing I could do.



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