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Chance meetings to charitable deeds

I recently touched base again with someone I met many years ago travelling through my second mid-life crisis. It’s funny how people who just come into your life for a brief moment can have such a profound effect. To use his words ‘that cat you met on a Russian plane on the return flight from The Bahamas to Cuba!’

One of the most vivid things I remember about that trip was the outgoing plane ride from Cuba to The Bahamas and seeing the wave of condensation milling around the floor that looked like dry ice. A gentleman in the opposite aisle from me was on his first flight, the shock on his face was a sight to behold, he could barely communicate his bewilderment. I was a little concerned myself and slightly aggrieved that my patchy Spanish wasn’t able to calm him in anyway. Thankfully my Spanish fluent companion allayed some of his fears, whilst carefully checking on her contraband goldfish, a present for her grandfather.

Meanwhile, I looked on in astonishment as the flight attendant grew tired with trying to find space in the already packed overhead compartments, and proceeded to open the door into the cockpit, shoving a large bag behind one of the pilot’s chairs. At this point, I confess I laughed. I’d never been on a flight like it and figured if it was going to be my last then I may as well relax and enjoy it!

But to cut along story short, a fellow travelling companion from all those years ago is doing something admirable in, and for the community he is a part of. Sharing the story of how we first met and this cause is my humble contribution to his efforts.

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