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Blue Jacket, Green Coat

Smiling and still wearing her headphones Letitia walks into the office. Unable to wait any longer, Bev reaches out and pulls Letitia’s arm pointing at the open Metro on her desk.

BEV: He’s responded!  

LETITIA: Who’s he?

BEV: Tall guy, dark hair, green coat, glasses – I’m not a fan of green as you know but that shouldn’t stop you. 

Ignoring Bev’s exuberance, Letitia removes her blue jacket and switches on her computer. Bev starts reading aloud.

BEV: To the pretty girl with the reddy brown hair, blue jacket and brown trousers on the number 12 bus…

LETITIA: What is this? 

BEV: Hi I’m the tall guy with dark hair, green coat and glasses. I’ve noticed you too would you like to get a coffee sometime?

LETITIA: He’s noticed me too… how does he … what did you do?  

BEV: Well you weren’t going to do anything about it; you said you liked him.

LETITIA: He could be a complete nutter!

BEV: What’s your point? You can talk, brown trousers with this heavenly blue jacket I so lovingly selected for you; I know I taught you better than that. But massive fashion faux par or not he likes you, so what do I know.

LETITIA: You don’t know how to mind your own business!

BEV: Lucky for you; we need to arrange the meet.  How was he this morning?

LETITIA: I didn’t see him. I need coffee, do you want one? 

Letitia looks inside the mug on her desk and grimaces. 

Her phone vibrates in her pocket she checks the message.

BEV: This doesn’t make sense… quick response, wants to meet; something’s not right. Unless…were you on the bus this morning?

Letitia is engrossed texting.

BEV: Tish, were you on the bus this morning?

LETITIA: Err, no I got a lift

BEV: Who gave you a lift and who else would you be texting all morning, I’m already here for God’s sake?

Letitia is now chuckling whilst texting.

BEV: What’s going on?

Letitia sighs and looks up from her phone.

LETITIA: I got talking to someone last night on the way home.

BEV: Last night!” And how do you know he’s not a complete nutter?

LETITIA: Because we spent a long time talking when the bus broke down and what makes you think it’s a he?

Bev is staring open-mouthed at Letitia who has resumed texting.

BEV: Obviously, you can see whoever you want… but I … you liked the green coat guy, quirky smile and all that ….we’re mates …you never said… this is a surprise.

LETITIA: To me too; we never said we were exclusive mates, we’re allowed to see other people.

BEV: Of course, I err… yeah sure. What about Mr Green coat?

LETITIA: You meet him.

BEV: Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t like green it’s unlucky!

LETITIA: I’ll let you borrow my blue jacket.

BEV: I couldn’t! 

Bev grabs the jacket off the back of the chair and tries it on.  

She twirls around feeling the soft fabric on the sleeves.

BEV: Oh it’s perfect.

Letitia is still texting.

LETITIA: Yes, perfect.




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