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And break…

Trying to balance business and creativity this week has been a complete disaster. It’s probably the most difficult combination of tasks to deal with simultaneously.  In addition, waiting for a delivery, yard maintenance and a head full of Dr Joe Dispenza saw me running from home to the solace of a dear friend for lunch trying to forget about everything for a few hours. I was helped to realise my listlessness and anxiousness has been compounded by not having a proper day off for over a week.  All was not lost, I did manage to complete another assignment for my copywriting course and nudge a few things forward on my business focus chart. Rather than creating new ideas, I discovered a few unfinished works. I can use them to reengage with my demanding creativity mistress.

I had been working towards a quieter Easter break, but I don’t think that will be enough. As if by magic my niece rang offering something a little different this weekend, pampering, experimental cooking, ideas for interview preparations, shopping and plenty of banter. It won’t be quiet, but it will be fun and just what I need to get back on track.




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