You are serious about your business, of course, you are, so get serious about good copywriting. Serious does not mean boring.

Copywriting by TraceySays is creative, colourful, considered, and dedicated to promoting your business.

You are here because you want good, authentic, affordable copy content.

You might be a start-up company, everyone started somewhere:

  • Be comfortable discussing your vision, knowing there is a shared understanding of the challenges that come with a new business.
  • You can’t and shouldn’t do it everything yourself, get an expert.

You may already be established:

  • But can you take time ⏱ out to write decent copy?
  • Is writing copy the best use of your time?
  • Get writing copy ticked off your long list 📝 of things to do.

Why TraceySays

Your business should speak the same language you do. Excellent English is a standard requirement, but you also need the right words for the right platform.

  • Blogs are a great way to keep your customers regularly updated.
  • But a printed leaflet or brochure may suit your business needs better.
  • Scared about the cost? it might be cheaper than you think.

Treat your business the same way you treat your clients.

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What customers have said 

“Super, absolutely wonderful, you clearly have a way with words.”

Cathrine Cook, Wellness Advocate


“Tracey did an extraordinary job honing my Embodiology®️ communication for a general audience. She made all the difference and in no time at all!” 

Dr. S Ama Wray, Embodiology®️


“Tracey is incredibly creative and artistic in her approach at tackling media. As a professional in my sector, I can often get fixated in my terminology that isn’t always ideal for the intended audience. Tracey was able to help provide a powerful alternative perspective and aid in guiding a better output. What was even more impressive was Tracey’s ability to attack my objectives in a sector that is unique and technical.”

Matthew Haynes, Askari Blue Cyber Security


“I strongly recommend Traceysays for any copywriting needs. I love the way Tracey draws from you what is needed and how she understands you, your business then expresses in words, exactly what you were thinking, eloquently. Thank you TraceySays.”  

Amina  Timothy-Clarke, MindBodyHarmony


“Tracey was asked to develop Copy for the development of a new online coaching course that seeks to support menopausal women find their groove and regain their mojo after experiencing what they have termed to be a “traumatic period”.

I was impressed with the speed in which Tracey managed to translate the essence of what I was trying to capture with sensitivity to my main audience. I shall be seeking her advice with further copywriting activities in the near future.”

Zora Johnson, Founder, Director – Look Divine, Feel Divine


“Many thanks to Tracey with the Copywrite of my new website. Much due diligence and attention to detail. We got there in the end.

Geraint Williams, Fourwinds Photography 


“We were really struggling to put together words on our new website and were unsure of what we needed. Luckily we found Tracey who, after meeting us and getting to know us, sent us a template which we filled out with basic information. Tracey sent us back a beautifully worded piece of content for our website which we will definitely be using. We are so happy we found Tracey and will definitely be going to her in the future if we need any writing on our website or social media !” 

Phil & Emily, Waggy Walkers